Does your Wedding Photographer Need to be one of Those Guys with All That Professional Gear?

28th July 2017

Or could ‘Uncle Bob’ with his nice camera do a great job of your photographing your big day for much less expense?

Well, the answer is… yes! …and No! Or No! and Yes! It depends and it varies… is that a good enough answer? Nope, not at all.

Uncle Bob may have a very nice and shiny camera, he may post splendid shots of his kids and cats but in an unrepeatable, intense and fast moving event like a wedding there is no substitute for someone who knows how to anticipate moments, work around difficulties [people and technical], understands how to identify and harness incredible light, how to work around the various kinds of terrible light so common at weddings and lastly, someone who can make the bride and groom feel less stressed and bring the best out of the all the important parties without adding to the potential stress of the day!

Note, all of the above and not even a mention of the camera gear! When it comes to the technology you’ll need someone who knows how to squeeze everything they can out of the functionality of their camera system. Their chosen system may be relatively simple or rather elaborate, depending on their photography style. Regardless, they must know their primary and secondary gear inside and out in order to overcome equipment failure at an inopportune moment, unexpected demands from the wider bridal party, tricky conditions [including harsh, bright light or next to no light] and generally not only recording the day with snapshots but recording the special moments in such a way that the equipment becomes part of their reflexes in order to capture these fleeting moments in the prettiest of manners.

If you choose an experienced photographer who knows his gear and how people and weddings flow, then he’ll not be flustered when the inevitable odd requests come his way. Someone who’s getting frustrated with the limitations of their equipment, skill and quality of the end product will be more likely to project a negative vibe [especially if unexpected issues presented themselves] that would clash rather forcibly with your happy and rightful expectations.

Finally, there are certainly times when the professional level equipment trumps more rudimentary kit in order to capture more of you looking your best in the best of surroundings. For example, more professional equipment has much better low light performance [critical at weddings], speedy and accurate focus, is less likely to break down [although this can happen, a good photographer will carry spare cameras and extra kit to avoid disaster] and there is more potential quality in the final product.

The caveat in all of the above is that professional equipment in the hands of someone not trained well enough in how to harness all of it’s potential is going to lead to disaster. A two year old is going to be able to transport her teddy inside a toy car without pedals in comparison to the same child trying to harness the potential power of a Porsche! The reverse also has some merit…an experienced photographer will still be able to capture some lovely moments with basic kit, but the potential of the final end product will be reduced.

With all of that in mind, do you really want to trust Uncle Bob for ‘snap shots’ of your big day or would you rather entrust the planning and the final artful production of your entire wedding to someone who has honed their skills and spent many thousands of pounds acquiring equipment to to give themselves the best chance of making your big day look as special as it really is…to you and all your loved ones?

It really comes down to what your wedding photographs are worth…and that, thankfully is entirely up to you 🙂

Now, did that answer the question?