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Your day!

Your wedding day!

Your most memorable of days – your marriage will be your first solemn step together to become a married couple, it  will, though, be supremely exciting.

The meaningful exchange of your wedding vows and the non-verbal, but deep loving communication between you…the very heart of your wedding, in the company of your most cherished family and friends.

On this day, your wedding day, your ultimately significant other will become yours, legally and exclusively, to have and to hold, to cherish and love.

This is it!

Months of meticulous planning, of the broad and finer details, finally come to fruition on this your great day…

The easy company of your bridal party over breakfast, the final touches to your outfit and all the loving and happy energy. The journey to the venue. The arrival and entrance into the church. The decor. The music. The colours. The slow, dramatic walk up the aisle. The excited expectancy of the groom. The first time your eyes meet. The smiles. The climax of the ceremony and first tender moments together as husband and wife…

As the day goes on, the beautiful and unrepeatable, both the anticipated and unexpected moments, fleeting yet precious – the humorous happenings – all because of this, your most important of days.

I believe in marriage.

I love weddings and I want to capture yours…

for you…


Pricing: starting with the fantastic ‘Dunluce Package
[which includes an engagement or couples shoot], from £1000…

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